What is the Global Day of Prayer?

The Global Day of Prayer is a call to meet as God’s united church to worship Him, seek His face and intercede for the transformation of our city and the nations. We seek God for revival, intercede on behalf of our world, and collaborate with Him for the blessing and transformation of our cultures. It begins with 10 days of prayer, May 14-May 23, 2015, culminating with a celebration on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014.

What is the history behind the Global Day of Prayer?

In July 2000, and in February 2002, God gave two complimentary visions to Graham Power, a successful businessman and relatively new convert that Africa will become the “Light to the world” and this vision had 5 stages. In 2001, one stadium in Cape Town, South Africa was filled with 45,000 people to pray. In 2002, it expanded to eight stadiums and 350,000. A year later 2.5 million gathered in 130 stadiums. On May 2, 2004, the movement exploded to nearly ten times the size. More than 22 million rallied in prayer at more than 2,000 sites throughout every single country on the continent of Africa (56 nations). Leaders from most major traditions of Christian faith called their people to join in this historic act of united prayer.

In 2005 African leaders invited Christians around the world to pray with them. On Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2005, Christians from 156 of the 220 nations of the world united across denominational and cultural borders for the first Global Day of Prayer. In the months following this day, Christians were overwhelmed by the testimonies of God’s powerful work in answer to these prayers. In 2008 millions of Christians from 214 nations united in prayer and on May 31, 2009 a miracle happened when this initiative miraculously expanded to 220 countries in the world.

To learn more, read The Story of the GDOP.

Is the Global Day of Prayer the same as the National Day of Prayer?

No. The National Day of Prayer and the Global Day of Prayer are two separate observances; however, both are projects of America’s National Prayer Committee. The NDOP observance, led by the NDOP Task Force, remains the government sanctioned observance committed to prayer for America. The Global Day of Prayer, in cooperation with the International Prayer Council and Transformation Africa, focuses on prayer for our world.

What is the reason for the 10 day period before the Global Day of Prayer?

Since we gather on Pentecost, it is easy to recall the upper room prayer meeting where they prayed continually for ten days. They weren’t praying about any particular problems or needs but were praying toward some of the great things that God had promised. This is why we’ll be praying during the ten days of prayer leading to Pentecost, from Thursday, May 5 to Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Do I need to register my local event?

There is no need to register if you are participating as a church or even a few churches.  We invite you to register if you are holding a community or citywide event. Go to the registration page for Community Events.

Where do I download prayer guides, A Prayer for the World, posters and other resources?

Many resources have been prepared to enhance your involvement in GDOP. There are Ten-Day Prayer Guides for the ten days leading up to Pentecost for adults (and special editions for youth and children).

A Prayer for the World is the centerpiece for all gatherings. It is available as a handout or on PowerPoint slides. It has been translated into many languages.

There are also promotional items such as a poster, flyer, bulletin insert, press release and web graphics.

Find them on the resources page with more helpful tools.

Videos are a great way to convey what GDOP is all about. There are two main videos to promote GDOP, plus other videos that help show the history of GDOP.

Why is there a Global Day of Prayer?

The Global Day of Prayer was inspired by a powerful movement of prayer and revival in Africa, in which 45,000 Christians gathered in a Cape Town stadium to seek God’s face in 2001. By 2004, this movement had grown to nearly 20 million people, gathering in every country of Africa. In 2005, Africa’s Christian community invited the world to join them for an annual Global Day of Prayer. The compelling vision for this day of repentance and prayer is the glory of Christ and the transforming blessing of Christ among the nations. Millions of believers are expected to unite for this global celebration. Many will be gathering in multi-congregational events. Many more will participate as they pray with their church on May 15, 2016.

I support National Day of Prayer. Should I participate in the Global Day of Prayer?

The mission and primary purpose of the NDOP Task Force is to call our nation to prayer. The Global Day of Prayer emphasizes prayer for our world. Though they emphasize different regions, both share the same goal: to call God’s people to prayer.

Prayer has always been a movement of God. It not only unites communities, it can also unite the world. As Christian believers gather to seek God’s face, we can anticipate the powerful blessings of His hand.

How can I get a Global Day of Prayer started in my area?

There are two basic scenarios:

1. A church or small group setting. Participating as a church is very simple: enlist a few people to join in the 10 days of prayer and incorporate “A Prayer for the World” during your Pentecost Sunday service.

A great starting place to learn more is http://gdopusa.com/how-to-be-involved/groups-churches-or-communities/

2. A community gathering. There is always a lot more involved in calling a community together but the eternal rewards can far outweigh the work. We have put together The Global Day Organizer Guide “GDOG” (PDF – 117 KB) that is full of practical and proven ideas for putting together a successful multi-church or citywide gathering that brings glory and honor to God.

A great starting place to learn more is http://gdopusa.com/how-to-be-involved/groups-churches-or-communities/

How can I help support the Global Day of Prayer?

There are 3 ways in which you can help support the Global Day of Prayer.

1. Pray that God would move mightily in the prayers of His people as we seek His leading.

2. Create a buzz about the Global Day of Prayer. Get people imagining what God might do if 500 million of His people cry out to Him on behalf of the nations of the world. Get people talking. Forward this website to friends and your networks. Subscribe to receive email updates and forward them, too.

3. The GDOP USA operates primarily on the gifts of God’s people to be able to develop and provide resources such as this website. There is no central source of funding for global or national movements. Christians in every nation and every community find ways to cover the costs of the movements they serve. Give to your local, national, and/or global movements.

To support the national movement in the USA, visit www.gdopusa.com/donate.

To support the global movement, visit http://globaldayofprayer.com/donate.html.

Please inquire locally how you and others can be generous toward your local movement.