Spreading the vision of the Global Day of Prayer

The two best tools to convey the vision and to encourage participation are the Ten-Day Prayer Guide and the promotional video.


Use the Ten-Day Prayer Guide

GDOP16 coverGraphic 

A Ten-Day Prayer Guide for the Global Day of Prayer was written to unite the prayers of believers around the world. It includes a daily theme, scriptures and prayer points for each day from May 5-May 14.

It is easy to download and photocopy on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. “A Prayer for the World,” which will be read together at every event on Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2016, can be downloaded separately.

Learn more and download the prayer guide.

Check out the article Mobilizing for the Ten Days.


Use the Promotional Video

  • Ask pastors, business leaders or prayer leaders if they would be willing to have the GDOP 3 1⁄2 minute video to be shown at different community-wide gatherings or multi-church meetings.
  • Invite leaders to take a few minutes to get a sense of what has been unfolding with the GDOP. Use a laptop to show the 3 1⁄2 minute video for a “private viewing.”

Learn more on the video page.


Video for the Day of GDOP

To be shown on May 15, 2016

This short, two-minute video was made to connect believers with others around the world the moment before they begin to pray “A Prayer for the World” together. Show it to congregations, small groups and large gatherings on May 15, 2016. 

Watch it on the Video for the Day of GDOP page.


Global Day Organizer Guide

The Global Day Organizer Guide, or the “GDOG” as we call it, is a practical and proven resource on how to organize a successful multi-church or citywide Global Day of Prayer event. The insights and practical tips contained in the GDOG have been tried and tested and will help you put together a well-organized event that brings glory and honor to God.

The GDOG is a 24-page downloadable PDF. It covers everything from how to get started, what GDOP is and what it is not, mobilizing pastors and churches, establishing small working groups and planning the Global Day of Prayer event. We encourage you to download the Global Day Organizer Guide (PDF – 117 KB), print it and give it to the leaders on your coordinating team. You will be glad you did. We have been told “we could not have done it without the GDOG.”


“A Prayer For The World”

APFTW slide    GDOP16_APFTWHandoutMedgraphic

This prayer will be read altogether at every Global Day of Prayer gathering on May 15, 2016.

It was prepared by members of the International Prayer Council. It has been translated into many languages, many of them available at www.globaldayofprayer.com. Consider praying this prayer as part of your church services on Pentecost morning.

You will find “A Prayer for the World” in a few formats:

Please read the article Leading “A Prayer for the World” when you are preparing. You’ll find several suggestions which have been helpful for others.


Leadership Huddle – Audio Sessions

You can listen to sessions from the 2009 GDOP Leadership Huddle.

Bob Bakke – Leading United Prayer (MP3 – 28 MB)

Dale and Liz Schlafer – Gathering a Team (MP3 – 55 MB)



Download the logo in black (.zip – 471 KB) or in blue (.zip – 1.2 MB).

The .zip files above include five logo formats for your convenience.

Logo Guidelines

Registered local organizers are welcome to produce materials using the GDOP name and logo. If this is done well, it can benefit the local efforts. You will find both high resolution graphics, for print-quality items such as T-shirts, caps, armband and more, and low resolution graphics, for web and email use.

We encourage your organizing committee to retain authority and oversight over the use of the GDOP name and logo. Printing the name or images of GDOP should not be used for personal gain. Please control the commercial use of logos so that any profits go back in to the Global Day of Prayer, rather than other organizations. We discourage private enterprise generating personal profit from the GDOP logo being used to create and sell products. This is not a hard and fast rule against T-shirt production. It may be appropriate to make and sell T-shirts or other items if a percentage of proceeds goes towards GDOP. We encourage wise leadership and authority at the local level.


Ninety Days of Blessing

90-Day Prayer guide

A daily guide to pray toward transformational blessing. Choose a format with or without pictures:


Every place for every person (PDF – 180 KB). This short, 4-page guide teaches about prayerwalking and includes a prayer guide for you to take prayerwalking.

Block Parties

Block Parties (PDF – 25 KB). Another way you can bless your community during the 90 days.