Awaken the Watchmen

The 24/7 prayer phenomenon around the world. Glean ideas for how you and your group might participate in the 10 Days of Constant Prayer leading up to the Global Day of Prayer.


Servant Evangelism

Here is an introduction to servant evangelism–serving your way into people’s lives. This can be a useful resource as you pray and plan how to be involved in the Ninety Days of Blessing.


2008 GDOP Promo Video

The 2008 GDOP Promo Video shares the story and history of GDOP. It paints a picture of how GDOP started and encourages you to participate.


Global Day of Prayer 2008: History

A wonderful video that describes the history of the Global Day of Prayer up to 2008 and the vision beyond.


Global Day of Prayer 2007 Promo Video