May 15, 2016

On the afternoon and evening of Pentecost…

…all over the world, Christians from many diverse streams will gather in their homes, or where appropriate, assemble in stadiums, public auditoriums and open squares. Some meetings will be small. Others will be large, but each one will be praying with the same vision of repentance and hope. As at the first Pentecost, we’ll worship God openly in Christ’s name and pray for the healing and blessing of the nations. As much as possible, we are seeking to gather in places beyond the walls of our church buildings.

  • Help organize a gathering in your city. Confer with your pastor and other trusted local leaders. Find practical ideas to organize gatherings on this website (
  • Not all gatherings will be large. Many are uniting in small groups in homes or public settings in their communities. If large gatherings aren’t planned near you, why not host a prayer gathering in your home?


Global Day Organizer Guide

The Global Day Organizer Guide, or the “G DOG” as we call it, is a practical and proven resource on how to organize a successful multi-church or citywide Global Day of Prayer event. The insights and practical tips contained in the GDOG have been tried and tested and will help you put together a well-organized event that brings glory and honor to God.

The GDOG is a 24-page downloadable PDF. It covers everything from how to get started, what GDOP is and what it is not, mobilizing pastors and churches, establishing small working groups and planning the Global Day of Prayer event. We encourage you to download the Global Day Organizer Guide (PDF – 31 KB), print it and give it to the leaders on your coordinating team. You will be glad you did. We have been told “we could not have done it without the GDOG.”


“A Prayer For The World”

This prayer will be read in unison at every Global Day of Prayer gathering on May 15, 2016.

It was prepared by members of the International Prayer Council. It has been translated into many languages, many of them available at Consider praying this prayer as part of your church services on Pentecost morning.

You will find “A Prayer for the World” in a few formats:

Please read the article Leading “A Prayer for the World” when you are preparing. You’ll find several suggestions which have been helpful for others.


Ten-Day Prayer Guide for the Global Day of Prayer


Here’s why the prayer guide is so effective to promote the event:

  • The graphics and photos display the global reality of the event.
  • The introduction clearly articulates the history and vision.
  • “A Prayer for the World” and the ten different prayer topics reveal how Christ-centered, hope-oriented and biblically sound the GDOP aspires to be.
  • Practical ways to be involved are mentioned.

Download your preferred version on the prayer guide page.


Leading the Congregation in “A Prayer for the World”

Please read the article Leading “A Prayer for the World” when you are preparing. You’ll find several suggestions which have been helpful for others.



Please be sure to register your event!


Leadership Huddle – Audio Sessions

You can listen to sessions from the 2009 GDOP Leadership Huddle:


Helpful pages:

Even more helpful resources an promo materials are available on the resources page.
Pray in Spanish and other languages.