There are three simple ways you can be

involved in the Global Day of Prayer.


As a small group.

Whether it’s your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors or Bible study, you can participate in the GDOP as a small group. There is no need to register your gathering. You can use resources like the Ten-Day Prayer Guide which leads up to the GDOP on Pentecost Sunday.


As a participating church.

As local church leaders consider the Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values of the GDOP, they often find effective ways to be involved.

There are three simple steps to participate as a local church in the Global Day of Prayer.

1. Enlist some people—it can be a few or many—to pray in some way throughout the ten days of prayer, May 5-May 14, 2016. Print the Ten-Day Prayer Guide for these and others.

2. Plan on incorporating “A Prayer for the World” as part of your Sunday services on Pentecost,    May 15, 2016. This beautiful prayer takes only 5-6 minutes to introduce and to read together. “A Prayer for the World” is available in an easily printed format as well as a PowerPoint presentation.

3. Register your intentions on the website at All the information that is needed is the church name, location, key person and email address.

Download and print Participating as a Church (PDF – 50 KB)


As a community.

A community event is characterized by having multiple churches involved. We ask that you:

We and other GDOP leaders around the world will be encouraged by your plans and can work to help you. Please register your intentions to coordinate an event, even if you’re not yet sure of all the details.

Community Registration




Some resources as you begin:
Download the Global Day Organizer Guide (PDF – 31 KB)
View the resources page.
Read about Mobilizing for the Ten Days.
Read about Leading “A Prayer For The World”