What is a community event?

A community event is characterized by having multiple churches involved. We ask that you:

Organizing an event takes effort, but it’s well worth it.

There are lots of resources here to help you organize a way for many others to participate.

Why should I register?

We and other GDOP leaders around the world will be encouraged by your plans and can work to help you. Please register your intentions to coordinate an event, even if you’re not yet sure of all the details.


Ipswich GDOP

Four easy steps to register community events.

You will be asked to affirm the “Points of Agreement,” tell us basic information, enter your contact information, and form an advisory board. (Or use this form to participate as a church.)

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Community Event Registration Form

  • 1) Affirm the Points of Agreement

    Check each box.
  • Type your name.
  • 2) Tell us about your event

  • Where people can learn more about your gathering.
  • 3) Enter your contact information

    For use by GDOP USA administrators only
  • These numbers will not be published. They will be used by GDOPUSA administrators only.
  • 4) Form an advisory board

    We understand that the local Advisory Board serves as the spiritual covering, offering pastoral support, giving input and direction for the leadership team. It is made up of pastors and ministry leaders along with business people and government officials. It is highly suggested that at least three pastors serve on this board.