The Global Day of Prayer is just a month away. This will be the ninth year that the United States will be participating in this sustained prayer movement. GDOP is a call to encounter God in repentance and prayer for the glory of Christ and the blessing of the nations. God is calling us to humble ourselves and to pray so that He will fill our communities, and all the earth, with His glory.
Invite your church to join together on Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013. “A Prayer for the World” is a powerful prayer that takes about 4-5 minutes to pray together. However, there are endless possibilities of what GDOP may look like. Inspire others by showing the 2-minute video of gatherings large and small from around the world. As nations are praying together across the globe, the USA has the honor of offering the “Amen” to the prayers of so many.
GDOP is more than a one-day event. It begins with ten days of prayer, guided and focused with biblical prayers from Thursday, May 9 to Saturday, May 18. This follows the example of the ten-day prayer gathering in the upper room before the first Pentecost. Download a copy of the prayer guide to share with the leadership at your church. Or pray through it yourself. You may not be praying with “the 120” that were in the upper room on Pentecost, but you will be praying with many others from around the world.
Never underestimate the impact of a small, well-organized gathering of a few churches, as it can be a great catalyst to propel your community forward in the coming months and years. The Global Day Organizer Guide offers some great ideas.
For Christ’s glory,
Stephanie Tucker
Global Day of Prayer USA
 PS I want to introduce you to a friend and co-laborer in the Global Day of Prayer, Isebel Spangenberg. Isebel was part of the International Coordinating team in South Africa for 11 years. After serving GDOP, she started Global Prayer Resource Network. GPRN is a wonderful resource that connects praying Christians with up-to-date local and global prayer needs. You will also find other prayer resources and tools, all in one place. Informed intercession needs reliable information. This website offers a much needed and valued addition to assist you to pray more focused prayers. Go to to sign up for email updates.



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