There are a great number of ways to join in with the many thousands of Global Day of Prayer gatherings. One simple suggestion for a church is to take part during Pentecost Sunday services on May 27, 2012, setting aside just 7 minutes, or even better, 10 minutes. Here is what is involved:
–Take 1 minute to share with everyone a sense of the global nature of the GDOP by announcing that we are joining our prayers with millions of others around the world. By the time we begin, most of the world will have already lifted their prayers. In the USA, we have the honor of offering the “Amen” to the prayers of so many. Find helpful information to describe GDOP at
–Take 2 minutes to show the 2012 video, “Pray with One Voice Today.” (Optional) This short video was made to capture the sense that we are part of a global prayer gathering. It offers a visual affirmation to the announcement just made. 
–Take 6 minutes to lead the congregation to pray in unison through “A Prayer for the World.” This is the one element that links every gathering around the world so that we can encounter God in united prayer. We are praying together with the world, and we are adding our prayer to theirs.
For His glory,
Stephanie Tucker
Global Day of Prayer USA

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