I just finished updating the Global day Organizer Guide (GDOG). This is a proven and practical tool to help any leader or layperson put together a well-organized multi-church or citywide event. However, we must keep the main thing the main thing—which is Jesus. We seek to honor Him not only at the prayer gathering but in the planning process as well.

The Global Day of Prayer opens the door for churches to unite and pray together across denominational and racial lines. It is not about a one-day event. It is about an ongoing process of making God’s name great in our cities. It is about the process of building ongoing relationships with others in the body of Christ. Many new relationships will be forged and our city will be changed forever as we learn to work together.

Download your copy of the Global Day Organizer Guide (PDF – 193 KB)

Stephanie Tucker

Global Day of Prayer USA, Facilitator

(512) 419-7729

PS Check out the GDOG even if you are not organizing a Global Day of Prayer gathering.


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