DAY 9 – Friday June 10, 2011
…but deliver us from evil…

• that God would restrain Satanic powers, revealing the truth of the Gospel, liberating many people to follow Christ.
• that people would be delivered from idolatry, witchcraft, demonic oppression and depression.
• for Christ to break powers of darkness which corrupt and dominate businesses, governments and cities.

Days 9 – 10
a call to REVEAL
“I will pour out my Spirit on all people… And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.”    — Joel 2:28, 32

Read Joel 2:28-32 and consider how these promises could be fulfilled in greater ways than ever before. Turn to God with expectancy. He is about to advance His purpose to reveal His salvation globally. Even during days of dreadful shaking and difficulty, He will pour out His Spirit so that people all over the earth—elders and children, poor and rich, men and women— will resound with the call of God. From every race and in every place, people will hear and speak of God’s call. Many will be saved to the glory of His name.


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