DAY 6 – Tuesday June 7, 2011
…Forgive us our sins…

• for the Spirit of God to move on the hearts of men and women so that they will be able to see how God is grieved and how their lives are being destroyed by sin.
• for the Spirit of God to empower people to abandon patterns of sin and find grace to renounce allegiance to powers of darkness.
• for recognition of and repentance from sins that bring about war, poverty and injustice.

Days 5 – 6
a call to HOPE
“Then the LORD will be jealous…and take pity on His people…Be not afraid…be glad and rejoice. Surely the LORD has done great things.”    — Joel 2:18, 21

Read Joel 2:18-22. We can be zealous to repent because God is so jealous for His name and for His people. Because of God’s great love, our repenting should be bold and fearless. Our God will contend with the forces that devastate our communities. As great as the evil may be, God will do even greater things. Such hope brings joy as we sincerely turn to God, knowing that He desires to bring great goodness throughout the earth, transforming our cities, restoring our economies and healing our lands.


If you’re new to the Global Day of Prayer or if you’ve been around awhile, here are a few links that will help you be involved or encourage others to join you:
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