I just got off the phone with a Global Day of Prayer coordinator in Virginia Beach inquiring if I could get prayer guides to him by Friday, May 20. That seems to be the question of the day because I have gotten the same request from others.  By getting the prayer guides this week, Doug has two Sundays to distribute the guides to those who will be participating in the ten days of prayer beginning June 2.

May 29 is the last Sunday before the ten days of prayer kick off.  Pentecost Sunday, June 12, 2011, is the Global Day of Prayer. These are important dates to keep in mind if you are heading up prayer in your church or community.

Not sure about the ten days? Check out the article “Mobilizing for the Ten Days” which includes numerous models to help you get started.  Or, incorporate some of your own creative way to pray with others during the ten days.

Remember that the Global Day of Prayer is a call to encounter God with many others so that God can change us and bring forth all that He desires among the nations.


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