I talk with a lot of leaders as well as everyday folks about what they are doing to engage others in sustainable life-giving prayer in their churches and cities. The most successful ideas are not novel or random. But instead, they are intentional ideas that are sewn thoughtfully. Of course, not every idea lands on fertile ground and may lay dormant for a while. The thing to remember is that fresh seed must be cast in our churches and cities.

One pastor told me that he always orders extra prayer guides to give to other pastors in his neighborhood (which means he will have to visit them). Consider inviting just two other churches to pray with you on Pentecost. One group of churches in a small city went to every home in the city to pass out a prayer guide and to personally invite their neighbors to join them. Have you ever considered praying early in the morning before service? In Waco, Texas they will meet for breakfast at a café at 6:30am before walking across the street to a park to pray. You might like to gather to pray outdoors. This is a great way to attract pre-Christians who may be apprehensive about church buildings.


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