Do you think it is too late to begin working on a Global Day of Prayer gathering in your community? Good news! It’s not too late. Many areas are getting started right now. All it takes to get things moving is two or three like-minded people. One city reported that GDOP was a trigger to foster unity and cooperation between churches like they had never seen before in their city. People are ready—they just need someone to get the ball rolling.

You don’t need to take on the whole community all at once. A great way to start is by calling a few pastors and friends in a particular part of the community. (I like to call people I know first—it makes it easier.) I just heard from a pastor today who will be inviting other pastors in the southwest region of his community where his church is located to participate in Global Day of Prayer. Consider taking a few others to a high point in your city to pray and hear from God about how He loves your community, how He longs to visit with you. Why not begin today? To help you get started, learn about different ways to be involved or glean useful tips and ideas from the Global Day Organizer Guide.


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